About Us

The National Black State Troopers Coalition, Inc. will work toward ensuring that every possible effort is made to provide equal opportunity for all persons to engage in gainful employment within the community. The area of concentration will be Black State Troopers and support personnel in order to professionalize their image and to increase their exposure within the Black communities across the United States of America. Objective of the Coalition The objective of this Coalition is for the coalition of social and professional purposes and to promote communication between minority state troopers throughout the United States and within their own agencies. The organization works to encourage minorities to seek employment in law enforcement, to encourage incumbent officers to remain in law enforcement, participate in self-improvement programs, prepare and compete for promotion and assignments to special units, so they can advance and better serve fellow officers and the citizens of their States. NBSTC serves as a source to assist troopers with problems and concerns and to serve as a vehicle through which minority officers may work effectively with administrators and elected officials to eliminate under utilization of minority officers.